Artemis Mining

10 Orange street, London – United Kinkdom. WC2H 7DQ

our mission

To create and grow sustainable value by applying leading, technically
excellent and differentiated approaches to managing mining assets and
unlocking their unrealized potential, while being firmly committed to
protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, the
environment and the communities in which we work.

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+(44) 20 4577 4321

Why Choose Us



Our unique values form the basis of ARTEMIS MINING's Policies, including our Code of Conduct and Integrity Policy and approach to Corporate Social Responsibility underpin the way we do business, drive our performance and guide us as we strive to achieve our vision.


Artemis Mining is committed to safeguarding our environment and protecting biodiversity for future generations, and aims to minimise the impact to the landscapes within which it operates. ARTEMIS MINING takes a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and invests in initiatives and technologies which allow it to operate sustainably and contribute to an overall environmental benefit.

Innovation & stretch targets

Our culture of setting stretch targets and never, ever give up attitude empowers the ARTEMIS MINING family to develop innovative ways of achieving challenging targets. We hold ourselves and each other to account to deliver these goals.

Social Empowerment

Artemis Mining respects the rights, interests, customs, culture and values of all those with whom we interact. Proactively engages with impacted communities, and make every endeavour to obtain free consent for activities that we undertake. We Seek to demonstrate, in word and deed, a net positive impact resulting from our operations.

Our Partners