Artemis Mining

10 Orange street, London – United Kinkdom. WC2H 7DQ

Mining & exploration capabilities

ARTEMIS MINING has the capacity to provide geotechnical, environmental, hydrological, and geological surveys. Our engineering team can cover every stage of a mine development, from reconnaissance and exploration, through construction and operations, to eventual closure and decommissioning. 

The exploration, development, operation and closure of a large mine involves unique environmental, logistical and technical challenges. Mining projects are often difficult to develop in locations that are remote, at problematic altitudes, in pristine environments and/or distant from the point of export. 

We understand the mining business and its challenges and our specialised teams are capable of delivering from early desk studies and reconnaissance to operation, development and decommissioning.

Trading & Consulting

ARTEMIS MINING Group provides a secure and reliable global trading platform through which we market and source various ferrous, non-ferrous and oil products. We bring market experience and know-how, and advise you on all facets of the mining, smelting or metal fabricator value chain.

Project- & Business Development

ARTEMIS MINING assists you in finding the optimal finance solution for pre-production, mine expansions or tolling arrangements. Our structured finance capabilities allow us to provide tailored solutions. We continually evaluate new opportunities in order to build solid, long-term partnerships worldwide.

Logistic Solutions

Moving cargoes in a timely, safe and efficient manner is one of our core competencies. ARTEMIS MINING provides extensive and tailored logistic solutions for road, rail and sea-going cargoes through partnerships with reputable freight forwarders, warehouses and ship broking companies.