Artemis Mining

10 Orange street, London – United Kinkdom. WC2H 7DQ

Artemis is a multi-commodity exploration and mining company based in London, United Kingdom and also present through its businesses in; Morocco and UAE. Artemis operates as a project generator, able to minimize risk on mining opportunities by identifying through their extensive expertise in historical data compilation and further exploration, drilling and financial modelling.

Artemis have been successful in building a portfolio of assets and joint ventures based on a thorough approach through the long-term experience of our professional mining and trading team who have more than 35 years in this business.

Artemis’ goal is to use its expertise and its team’s experience to develop and valorize assets. Our focus is typically to build a commercially viable, environmentally friendly operation encompassing local manpower through an extensive training program enhancing the employment viability for the local area.

Additionally, Artemis capitalizes on its specialist skillset in the industry which enables it to provide a fully integrated capability including, and not limited to, mining, production, trading, logistic services, shipping and financing.

The Artemis Mining team applies a proven discovery and modeling methodology that combines custom-built digital compilations, advanced 3D geoscience modeling and interpretive techniques, with rigorous fieldwork to systematically identify economic formulas and physical mining techniques to develop smaller mineral reserves that may not be economically viable for larger concerns and would otherwise remain unutilised.

The Company has developed a quality portfolio of early to advanced stage exploration projects. Focused on identifying small to medium scale mining opportunities and has developed a broad mineral base of projects specifically targeting precious metals Au, Cu, Ag, Ni, Fe. Artemis operates in a broad number of jurisdictions globally.  


Our geologists search for and discover new sources of the minerals that make our modern lives possible. To be a responsible company, we must find deposits we can develop and mine in a safe and sustainable way.

Plan and build

We don’t only plan for the life cycle of the mine, but take great care to look beyond and determine the rehabilitation of the site and the real benefits that the local communities will continue to benefit from.


Safety comes first: our whole way of working is focused on zero harm. We plan for the lifecycle of the mine and beyond and use our own technologies for reducing waste and protecting environments.


By processing, we produce what customers need. Our processing technologies enable us to reduce waste, save water, increase efficiency, drive innovation and, support economic growth in the areas we mine.