Artemis Mining

10 Orange street, London – United Kinkdom. WC2H 7DQ

Mr. Melvin P. Wilde has been Artemis CEO since its inception. A senior executive with solid experience in integrated bulk commodities operations, supply chain and business turnaround, Mr. Wilde stands out for his ability to lead complex operations and establish a culture of operational excellence. His management style is focused on health, safety, efficiency and productivity, aiming to obtain results through discipline in routine management.

With a passion for strategic thinking and transformations, Mr. Wilde is a global and business- focused executive recognized for his dynamic and charismatic leadership, with strong capacity to engage multicultural teams. Entrepreneurship, pure challenge and general management are his career anchors, which contribute to his focus on innovation and his ability to deliver sustainable results under competitive and challenging circumstances. 

Throughout his 35 years of professional experience, Mr. Wilde has held a range of global executive positions and gained diverse knowledge bringing together regions into a global company and working with international initiatives, turnaround management, and large-scale projects. 

Mel Wilde

CO-CEO - Artemis Mining


After graduating in 1999 from The University of Miami with an Engineering degree, Mehdi Moustarzik went on to work in the telecom industry and co found IP World Switch a start up in the International telecommunications routing. During this period, he went on to co-found another company called Teleware Global Inc. a telecommunication billing company.

The group soon became a major player in the industry offering integrated solutions to operators all around the Globe.  Mehdi Moustarzik main role was the international development and the opening of new markets.

In 2005 negotiated and engineered a reverse merger with RedSky Global and stayed on board as a consultant until the end of 2008.

During the same year, Mehdi Moustarzik went on to work in the mining industry. Thanks to his background, his area of expertise was business restructuring, revamping production, organizing effective logistics, raise funding and locate new markets.

In 2006, he co-founded a mining company based in Morocco and built a diversified portfolio containing several mining licenses. With the help of some of the finest experts in the industry, Mehdi Moustarzik carried out an efficient and conventional approach building mines such as “Ait Ammar iron ore mine”, “Nqob talc mine” and several others throughout these years.

Mehdi Moustarzik

Founder & CO-CEO - Artemis Mining